TAMKO has manufactured a full line of quality roofing products for over 60 years. Today, TAMKO's dedication to roofing and their relentless quality improvement make's their shingles the finest available. Regardless of size, shape, color, or material, TAMKO shingles are proven strong and are always an attractive choice. Most Meek's Yard's keep TAMKO roofing products in stock, but they offer all TAMKO products including: Heritage Architectural, and Three-Tab Shingles, Metalworks Roofing, Lamarite Composite Roofing, and Roofing Accessories.




Meek’s provides it’s customers with numerous delivery and pickup options. From rooftop delivery to ground drop we have the knowledge and ability to deliver materials safely to your jobsite. Our delivery staff will assure you have your materials when and where you need them.